Friday, September 30, 2011

My ALASKA VACATION, 2011, Part 13

SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011,  PART 3
On the drive to Homer, Dennis described a Sartori experience he had in San Francisco on the Sunday after his weeklong Aikido boot camp ended. He was sitting on a bench in the Embarcadero, watching the afternoon light hit a building across the street. Suddenly, he realized everything was fine and beautiful, the building was beautiful, the street was beautiful. For several hours he was in thoughtless awareness, unmolested by the incessant mental chatter that afflicts humanity.
“What bought you out of it?” Carrie asked from the back seat. “I think I’m still in it”, Dennis mused.
I didn’t want to bring him down, so I carefully asked how he fit this “everything is fine” awareness in with an early rant he gave about the greedy morons who caused the ’08 economic melt down and how they should all be in jail. “I guess I fell sorry for them. Their hearts must be pretty small to be pulling that kind of crap.”
“Death is very much on my mind these days”, I told him. “Not just because of John (my spouse of 25 years who is dying of metastasized prostate cancer), but because of everything else. For instance, on the front page of the Wednesday Anchorage newspaper was an article about a group of scientists who predicted that the world’s oceans would be dead within a generation of Mankind does not take drastic measure. “A catastrophe unprecedented in human history”, the article concluded. I admitted that I thought about this article every time I looked out the window at Cook Inlet as we drove along side it. “Things don’t look fortuitous that our leaders will be able to do what needs doing, given how corrupt, greedy and paralyzed they’ve been lately.

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