Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fogtown Character Designs, Installment 5

All this week, in celebration of "Fogtown" in its new paperback release, I'm blogging/posting preparatory artwork done way back in late '06. The project was long in its genesis, given that it wasn't published until August '10 in hardcover, and August '11 in paperback.
Today we concentrate on Madame Tze, femme fatale of the piece, in collusion with "Colonel" Thorpe.
I assume we decided this version wasn't sexy enough.
This version is headed in the right direction, but is was too generic for my tastes.
This was my fave. I really liked her outfit in the drawing on the left. 
Andersen liked it too, but insisted I cop the hair style worn by Jean Simmons in the early 50's noir flick "Angel Face".  The drawings above are basically taken from freeze frames of that movie. 
By the way, the drawings were done on the back of an blank "Batman" storyboard page. The logo and the blank panels can be seen ghosting through the paper.

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