Friday, September 16, 2011

Fogtown Character Designs, Installment 3

All this week, in celebration of "Fogtown" in its new paperback release, I'm blogging/posting preparatory artwork done way back in late '06. The project was long in its genesis, given that it wasn't published until August '10 in hardcover, and August '11 in paperback.
This installment focuses on Eliza Grey, Frank Grissel's estranged daughter.
Andersen's original concept was that her name would be "Bette Noir", and that she would be a dominatrix prostitute.
Here are 2 more dominatrix versions.

Yet another dominatrix, based off Natalie Wood.
Karen Berger, the group editor, suggested making Bette something other than a kink-whore. Andersen modified her into a psychiatrist studying teen whores in the North Beach area of San Francisco.

Andersen was looking for something more bohemian, almost "Beat". I couldn't get a handle on her until I  came upon the "Ayn Rand" hairstyle.

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