Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fused, Page 12

More scanned original discoveries. This is kind of fun.
I drew issue #3 of "Fused" for Image Comics back in '02, I believe. I was getting into Photoshop in a limited way, trying to ink and composite pages, do corrections, etc. (I eventually decided that digital inking didn't save me any time or lead to any improvement in quality.) This page was done in 3 stages. Stage one, I pencilled following the script, making the explosion panel dominate the page. Actually, now that I think of it, in the original script, (by Steve Niles, author of "30 Days of Night"), the explosion was a double page spread. This struck me as a boring waste of space. (I wanted to save the double page spread for the end of the book, when the cyborg main character sprints across the 5 Frwy from the LA river into Griffith Park (here in Los Angeles, California, USA). So I cut the explosion back to a large, page dominating panel. As I thought about it, the most interesting story point was the battalion (is that the right word?) of military vehicles converging on our hero, which had no good establishing panel called for anywhere in the script. So I changed the page again, making the gathering army forces the focus of the page.

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