Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spawn Storyboard Panels

I uploaded these last night to the portfolio section of http://www.animationalumni.com/, in conjuction with Raising the Bar Recruiting (RBR) at the CTN animation eXpo Nov 19-21, 2010. You can see for yourself what potential clients will be seeing in the coming month. These 12 storyboard panels are from the sequel to the HBO animated Spawn series. This was to be a direct-release-to-dvd that I worked on in the summer of '05. All the pre-production was completed by Starz/Film Roman, but Todd McFarlane didn't like S/FM's choice of overseas animation studio, so he pulled the plug. (This is my recollection of the gossip at the time; I could be incorrect. That said:) As far as I know, which isn't all that far, the pre-production material languishes in a warehouse until Mr. McF. acquires a suitable animation studio and/or funding.
The work you see here was roughed out by Chris Rutkowski, a good friend of mine who quit the project to work on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle CGI movie. Chuck Patton reworked Chis's section. Then I was hired to replace Chris, bringing the pages to completion. In spite of the work's heavily collaborative nature, I'm quite proud of it. Actually, I was trying to achieve this look on the "Fogtown" graphic novel, but was unable to bring myself to work that loosely and spontaneously in the comicbook format.

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