Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fogtown page 104

Frank's girl friend/ girl Friday, Loretta Valentine discovers Frank’s secret stash of 50's gay porn. In those days this took the form of chaste "Physical Culture" pamphlets. Ironically, these tracts are the same size as the Vertigo Crime imprints product, 5 3/8" x 8 1/4".

Loretta is based on actress Eileen Brennan.

One of my ongoing pet peeves with straight male cartoonists is that they tend to draw the same woman, varying only the  hairstyles. Even the cartoonists who individualize their men fall into this trap with women. On this project, I was trying to  differentiate the female characters as much as the males, yet still have them be beautiful and sexy. In Loretta’s case, I fear I erred on the side of individuation; at times she appears quite ugly.


Jean-Paul Jennequin said...

Sorry to be a nitpicker - I just read "Fogtown" and it was a great read - but there is one little thing wrong with this page. "Fogtown" takes place in 1953 and "Vim" first started being published in May 1954. Now, I know that in order to get a no-prize, one has to find an explanation, however far-fetched, to the mistake found, so here's mine : "Fogtown" doesn't take place in our world but in an alternate world where "Vim" started being published in 1952 instead of '54.

Brad Rader said...

If that's the only anachronism you can spot, I must have done pretty well. I was in continual fear of doing exactly the sort of thing you're talking about.

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