Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fogtown pages 70-71

This page is an example of my design strategy for the book. I established a fairly rigorous rectangular grid for the panel layout, with either two or three tiers per page, adhering to this for the most part. This produces a fairly even, metronomic baseline, which can be easily broken for heightened dramatic effect. For this near-rape sequence, I varied the panel shapes to slashing diagonals increasing in length during the four-page sequence, creating a feeling of descent.

Other examples are the meeting of Frank and Eliza Gray on pages 25-28 by using horizontal panels with each character on opposite sides of the composition, separated by their word balloons. Then followed immediately pages 29-31 where Frank threatened by Greg in Jack Kerouac Alley shown by narrow vertical panels giving a staccato, knife-like feel.

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