Friday, July 2, 2010

Rivkah, The Gray Toner

Tonight I "met" Rivkah, the artist who did the gray tones for my upcoming graphic novel, "Fogtown". I googled her name; there are tons of "Rivkahs" on the web; luckily her site was the first. All I knew about her , courtesy of Will Dennis the third editor on the book (following in the abortive footsteps of Bob Schreck and Brandon Montclair) is that she was a woman and does manga. Her blog archive mentioned nothing of working on the book, which was perplexing given that she blogs often and at length. Yet what are the odds that there is more than one single named female cartoonist who does manga? So I emailed her last night, and got her reply this evening.
In tonight's reply, I told her about my upcoming exhibition of the original artwork at Flazh! Alley Studio. I'm in the process of writing placards to go up next to each piece. This is what I wrote about Rivkah on the appropriate placard: "She was Bob Schreck’s choice, not mine but I’m happy with her work. She was surprisingly sympathetic with what I was trying to achieve with lighting and mood. She even imitated my brush strokes, leading to a very seamless look. She also avoided glow effects, self-color lines and other excesses allowed too easily by Photoshop, for which I am unbelievably grateful." (However, she informed me that Brandon Montclair picked her, not Bob. Hats off to Brandon for an excellent choice).

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