Monday, April 12, 2010

My Beautiful Career Installment 20

I returned to storyboarding, working on “Biker Mice From Mars” and “Gargoyles”. I was waiting for my old friend, Kevin Altieri, to get his career-making project off the ground, now that he was hot from directing on “Batman”.
Storyboard panel from "Biker Mice From Mars", 1994 Storyboard panel from "Gargoyles" episode, "The Gift"

Storyboard panel from "Gargoyles" episode, "The Gift"
Storyboard panel from "Gargoyles" episode, "The Gift"

It finally happened in mid ’95; he was green lit to produce and direct the “Gen 13” feature for Wildstorm. However he decided he was going to storyboard the entire movie himself; my services were not needed.

Kevin Altieri, at 2008 Animation Guild Xmas party; seen with Brad Rader and "Snake Bite".

Storyboard panel from "Gen 13" feature (unproduced)Storyboard panel from "Gen 13" feature (unproduced)

I was crushed. Comics seemed closed off to me; Kevin had gone his own way. I decided to throw my hat into the directorial arena. Most of my storyboard artist peers had gone that route. I had never envied the drama, forced multitasking and being responsible for the work of others. But there seemed to be nowhere else for me to go. I put the word out that I was interested, calling the various producers I had worked with over the years.

(Perhaps I should explain: I've been complaining about Kevin not using me as board artist on "Gen 13"... yet here I am, including 2 panels that I storyboarded for it. That's because he called me up right before my first directing gig (see Installment 21) to get me to help him out with some last minute boarding.)

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