Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Beautiful Career Installment 9

During this period, I continued to try to break into my true love, comics. My pattern, through the remainder of the 80’s would be to work up a new portfolio in time for San Diego Comic-Con, get rejected by all and sundry, and sulk until Spring of the following year, when I’d notice Comic-Con was approaching and do a new portfolio. This dynamic played out until the spring of ’91, when I met Tim Gula on the “Batman” crew. He advised me to execute 2 new pages a week and keep sending them to every editor listed. I was never THAT hardcore; I managed a page a week for about 4 months. But that lead me to getting noticed by Neal Pozner at DC, who got me my first gig, pencilling 3 issues of the “Batman Adventures” comic book. Check out my pre-professional comic pages.

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