Monday, February 15, 2010

My Beautiful Career Installment 12

The 80’s was a devastating time, as the first A.I.D.S. cases became known. Friends were dying and there was no effective treatment. Getting the disease was a death sentence, and the gay community was scared and angry. The media was calling it a “Gay Disease”

I became active in Gay politics after John and I attended the second Gay and Lesbian March on Washington in October of ‘87. The response of the Reagan Administration to A.I.D.S. in general (he never once even mentioned the word “A.I.D.S. while in office), and to the March in particular politicized me. I joined ACT UP (AIDS Co-Alition to Unleash Power) LA because it seemed to be the only political game in town. I drew cartoons for the monthly newsletter, painted signs and placards, carried those signs and placards during marches and demonstrations.

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