Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Beautiful Career, Installment 8

While employed at D.I.C., I fell in with fellow board artists Eddie Fitzgerald and Kevin Altieri.

Kevin Altieri

Charicature of Eddie Fitzgerald, (probably by Bruce Timm)

Before meeting them, I’d taken it as a given that American TV animation had to suck. They were adamant that there was no reason why it couldn’t be as cool as the classic WB stuff (Eddie) or the anime starting to emerge from Japan (Kevin). I caught their fire; why SHOULDN’T American animation be good? It wasn’t a budget problem; anime demonstrated that one could do amazing things on micro-budgets. It was a mind-set issue; one had to think outside the box, get past network executives and Standards and Practices. We were warriors fighting the animation good fight, like members of a WW2 bomb-crew as we worked for Richard Raynis’ unit, producing “Kid Video” and “The Real Ghostbusters”.
I also continued to work on “Rainbow Brite”, “The Littles”, “Pole Position”, “Robotman”, “Jayce and the Wheel Warriors”, “Dennis the Menace”, and “COPS”, among other projects.

Storyboard Panel From Kid Video, Season 2
Animation Cell from Kid Video, Season 1

Storyboard panel from The Real Ghostbusters, Season 1
Storyboard panel from Rainbow Brite, Episode 3

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