Monday, December 7, 2009

CTN Animation Expo

I attended the CTN Animation Expo at the Burbank Marriott, on November 20-22, 2009. It was way cool, surprisingly well attended. I donated 3 pieces of original artwork to the "Help the Hodges" Benefit Auction that was being solicited by C.A.P.S. member and Disney animation artist Chad Frye. The auction will take place on January 21. 2010, on Ebay. To learn more about the tragic curcumstance of Matthew Hodge, and see the art for the auction, go to
I sat in on a few seminars. The first was by Lee Silber; "Marketing From The Left Side of the Brain". It inspired me, belatedly, to do more self-promotion. (Hence, this blog.)
At one point, Lee had us audience members turn to our neighbors and interview them. Mine turned out to be Steve Aranguran, recently separated from Disney TV's European office. He's back in the LA area to figure out what to do next, career-wise. We had something in common; I too have worked at Disney TV, on the Gargoyles, Tarzan, and Atlantis TV series.

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