Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vipassana Retreat, Installment 11

WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 2009, 3:00 PM



            One can simply observe and note the subjective states if one desires
            It doesn’t matter if one does FOCUS IN or FOCUS OUT, but one has to know which one it is that one is doing.
            One can note specific flavors of FEEL or not FEEL generically. For instance if I get pissed off while meditating, I can note the physical sensation of anger in my body and say “feel”.
            All the labeling systems can be subdivided thusly. The problem can arise that this seems too much like thinking (I have experienced this). The process is like learning to drive. At first a lot of thinking is required; after about 6 months, very little conscious thought is required.
            F.I.T. space is reactive, in that it responds to outside stimulus. I.E., events or thoughts can arise that evoke an emotional response.
            F.I.T. space is proactive, in that it can go off on its own, or be consciously manipulated. I.E., one can purposefully recall events that provoke desired emotionalv 

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